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Five promotions for Crown Asset Management

While two employees will now take on roles as directors, three will move on from their directorial positions to become vice presidents at the group

Crown Asset Management (CAM), a debt buyer in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry, has made five internal appointments to its managerial team.

While two staff members have accepted offers to become directors at the group, three will leave their directorial responsibilities for vice presidential roles as their “hard work, dedication, and accomplishments” are recognized by the firm.

Linda Dameron has been promoted from accounting manager to director of consumer accounting, where she will focus on “establishing new standards for excellence which assists CAM’s initiatives”.

Also promoted to a directorial role, Rebekah Luebcke will leave her relationship manager post, where she oversaw the onboarding of numerous partnerships, to handle the operations arm of the firm.

Lisa Scoggins, who has worked at CAM since 2018, will also join the operations team, but as vice president.

With “deeply rooted knowledge and experience in the distressed debt market”, Bob Deter has been promoted from director to vice president of business development.

Finally, Shawn Bradley will now act as vice president of finance at the company, bringing his “tremendous amount of experience in financial structuring” to the position.

Scott Arnold, CFO at CAM, said: “2020 has been a challenging year the world over. Our industry is no exception. While we will continue to face challenges, CAM’s leadership team enables us to move past these challenges.  

“Today we announce the promotion of five members of this team. These promotions recognize their qualifications and achievements and further build our foundation of strength and integrity.” 

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