Verady’s tax platform joins the ACB

The firm support businesses, individuals, and accounting professionals to account for crypto assets

Verady, the founder of cryptocurrency tax and accounting platform Ledgible, has announced that the firm has joined the Accounting Blockchain Coalition (ABC).

As a member of the ABC, Verady will support the evolution of the coalition into an industry resource and community for organizations involved with crypto assets and blockchains in accounting.

An industry association formed to educate businesses on accounting matters related to digital assets, the ABC will reportedly benefit from Verady’s “extensive expertise” in the US’ evolving tax and accounting environment.

Kell Canty, CEO at the the digital asset tax and accounting software company, said: “There are challenges to accurately financially report and handle taxation for crypto assets and Ledgible looks forward to being part of the Accounting Blockchain Coalition to bring clarity and guidance to crypto assets and their implications.

“Through our Ledgible partner program, we’ve assembled the largest network of crypto tax and accounting experts, and are excited to share our expertise with even more partners as we move forward to make crypto tax and accounting an understandable growth sector for today’s professionals.”

As an audited platform for tax planning and reporting on crypto assets, Ledgible produces reporting formats that are used by tax professionals within filing systems.

It allows businesses, consumers, and accounting professionals to account for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by automatically syncing information directly from cryptocurrency activity.

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