Mazars issued with second Trump subpoena

A Government body claimed it needs the documents to address ‘conflicts of interest’ by future presidents

The House Oversight Committee, a US House of Representatives panel, has reissued a subpoena requesting the release of Donald Trump’s tax and financial records.

In a memo made public yesterday (2 March), first seen by Reuters, the body claimed it needs the documents to address “conflicts of interest” by future presidents.

The committee had issued a subpoena to Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars, in 2019, but a second had to be issued once new lawmakers took office following Joe Biden’s election.

In the recent court filing, a 23 February memo explained the reasons why Carolyn Maloney, chairwoman at the committee, reissued the subpoena.

According to Maloney, court challenges had “denied key information needed to inform legislativeaction,” regarding a crisis in ethics created by Trump’s “unprecedented conflicts of interest”.

She added that the information remains “just as compelling now” as it was when the first subpoena was issued in 2019.

The former president had refused to release his tax returns and other financial documents while in office, resulting in the committee seeking eight years of accounting information from Mazars.

Micahel Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer, has previously said that Trump had inflated and deflated certain assets on financial statements between 2011 and 2013 to reduce real estate taxes.

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