KiwiTech acquires NYC accounting & finance startup

The deal represents the ‘next chapter’ of Graphite Finance’s development

KiwiTech, a provider of products, traction growth, and capital to startups, has announced the acquisition of Graphite Financial, a boutique finance and accounting firm.

Specializing in early-stage, high-growth startups, Graphite is based in New York and currently supports over 100 venture-backed startups across the world.

Founded in 2008, supporting ff Venture Capital’s (VC) portfolio, Graphite has independently provided accounting services since 2016.

Paul Bianco, founder and CEO at the firm, said that the deal represents the “next chapter” of Graphite’s development.

He added: “As Graphite originally spun out of a VC fund, we understand the nuance of what startups need as they scale. We’re firm believers that high touch, industry specific, high value service solves the true financial pain point startups face. 

“Now, with the support of KiwiTech’s team of hundreds of engineers, we’re looking forward to our client experience being even more efficient, actionable and insightful.”

Completed in December 2020, the transaction will add to KiwiTech’s accounting and strategic finance services it currently provides to its customers.

Moshin Syed, EVP and chief startup officer at KiwiTech, said: “There are exciting times ahead with Graphite Financial becoming part of the KiwiTech ecosystem.

“We continue to make our ecosystem the quintessential one-stop partner for re-seed to Series B startups from tech to capital to accounting to marketing needs of a business.”

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