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U.S. CMA salaries remain strong despite Covid, says IMA

The Institute of Management Accountants 2021 Global Salary Survey found U.S. CMA professionals’ total median compensation is 58% higher than non-CMAs

Salaries for certified management accountants (CMA) in the United States are remaining strong despite the pandemic, according to The Institute of Management Accountants’ (IMA) 2021 Global Salary Survey.

In its poll of 3,085 IMA members, the group’s survey found that the total median compensation for U.S. CMA professionals is 58% higher than for non-CMAs.

Internationally, the difference in median total compensation between U.S. CMAs and non-CMAs is around $29,000.

IMA members from the Americas revealed that U.S. CMAs earn 22% more in median salary and 25% more in median total compensation than non-CMAs. 

CMAs in the States were shown to be slightly less likely to have experienced a salary cut than non-CMAs, 35% of U.S. respondents compared to 38% of respondents across all regions.

Kip Krumwiede, director of research at IMA, said: “We have always known the U.S. CMA certification has a positive impact on compensation and job security.  

“This year is especially encouraging as U.S. CMA holders have been generally better off in maintaining both their jobs and compensation levels during the pandemic than those without the U.S. CMA.”

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