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IRS adds online forms in multiple languages

Many pages on are also available in seven other languages: Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Korean, Haitian Creole and Chinese − Simplified and Traditional

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has expanded communication with taxpayers who prefer to get information in other languages, with forms now available in English, Spanish and a host of other languages. 

For the first time ever, the agency has posted a Spanish language version of Form 1040 and the related instructions to its website.

The new Form 1040 Schedule LEP, in English and Spanish, with instructions now available in English and 20 other languages, can be filed with a tax return by those taxpayers who prefer to communicate with the IRS in another language. 

In addition, the IRS Publication 17, Your Federal Income Tax, has been streamlined for tax year 2020, and is now available in Spanish, Chinese (Simplified); Chinese (Traditional); Vietnamese; Korean; and Russian.

Many pages on are now available in seven other languages: Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Korean, Haitian Creole and Chinese − Simplified and Traditional.

Taxpayers can indicate their language of preference for IRS-issued written communications or change their language of preference. While communications may not be immediately sent in the selected language, the IRS said it will use this information to allocate resources and develop communication alternatives based on the reported language preferences.

IRS commissioner Chuck Rettig said: “Being able to talk to and receive information from the nation’s tax agency in their preferred language is something we hope to eventually provide to all taxpayers.

“We want everyone to be on the same playing field, so to speak, and each day that we can move forward with that goal is a good one.”

Ken Corbin, IRS taxpayer experience officer said: “When it comes to filing taxes, being able to ask questions and read forms and instructions is crucial,” said. “We take that very seriously and continue to work toward ensuring all taxpayers have what they need without obstacles.”

Additional materials and services now available in multiple languages include:

  • Publication 1, Your Rights as a Taxpayer, and other basic tax information are now available in 20 languages on
  • Taxpayers who interact with an IRS representative have access to over the phone interpreter services in more than 350 languages.
  • The Earned Income Tax Assistant tool is newly available in Spanish.
  • The agency continues to incorporate multilingual information into its social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. IRS highlights key messages in six languages, including Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Korean, Haitian Creole and Chinese, using both Twitter Moments and Instagram Highlights.
  • Introduced for tax year 2019, the Form 1040-SR, in English PDF and Spanish PDF, features larger print and a standard deduction chart making it easier to use for older Americans.

The agency is also inserting information about translation services and other multilingual options into the top notices sent to taxpayers. 

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