RSM unveils Lukka partnership for crypto accounting

Through the collaboration, RSM intends to increase its reporting accuracy to reduce risk across the organization

RSM US has announced that it will use Lukka, the crypto asset software and data provider, to support its valuation processes.

Providing fair market value pricing data for crypto assets, Lukka’s prime pricing system can be applied to determine the crypto asset holdings when appropriate under US or international accounting principles.

Through the partnership, RSM intends to increase its reporting accuracy to reduce risk across the organization.

Roberto Materazzi, CEO at Lukka, said that RSM is a “clear leader with deep experience serving the crypto industry”.

He added: “Their diligence when performing vendor assessments is some of the most mature that I have seen. 

“At Lukka, data quality is a top priority and we are proud to have our data selected by RSM again to support their crypto valuation processes.”

The firms’ collaborations date back to 2020, when Lukka was chosen by RSM as its preferred provider of tax preparation software for its clients.

In turn, Lukka brought its software for CPA-assisted tax filing for crypto assets to RSM’s client base.

Jay Schulman, national leader for blockchain and digital assets at RSM, said: “As RSM’s digital asset client base continues to grow, Lukka has been able to provide RSM with the tools and data needed to best serve our middle market clients.”

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