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Deloitte launches AI solutions service for clients

ReadyAI is set to assist the firm’s clients ‘accelerate their journey’ to becoming AI-fueled organizations

Deloitte has announced the launch of ReadyAI, a new solutions service which is set to assist the firm’s clients “accelerate their journey” to becoming AI-fueled organizations.

ReadyAI will combine AI specialists and managed services in a flexible-service model, which will be accessible to all of Deloitte’s clients.

This endeavour capitalizes on the AI market’s current market boom, which is expected to exceed $191bn by 2024, growing at 37% compound annual growth rate.

The service is set to provide insights and visualization services, advanced analytics, machine learning deployment and data preparation services.

Nitin Mittal, AI co-leader and principal at Deloitte Consulting, said: “While AI adoption is accelerating, many organizations struggle to scale their AI projects. ReadyAI provides the flexible and scalable capabilities that these companies need to successfully become AI-fueled organizations.

Rohit Tandon, the firm’s general manager for ReadyAI and managing director, said: “The promise of AI lies in its deployment at scale in a fair, ethical and trustworthy fashion. ReadyAI helps clients take AI all the way from labs and pilot programs to real-life business integration and adoption.”


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