AICPA issues support for Accounting STEM Pursuit Act

The act cultivates an important link between accounting and STEM

The American Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants (AICPA) has issued its strong support for the Accounting STEM Pursuit Act of 2021.

The new act cultivates a strong link between the accountancy profession and other technology-focused industries.

Furthermore, it grounds the accounting profession as a STEM career pathway and supports long-standing efforts to create more diversity in the future accounting workforce.

The bipartisan legislation was introduced by Representatives Haley Stevens (D-MI) and Victoria Spartz (R-IN).

Susan Coffey, CEO of public accounting at AICPA, said: “The Accounting STEM Pursuit Act signals the importance of expanding the pipeline of a diverse accounting profession that supports industries across the United States.

“It also reinforces our digital-first efforts to educate, upskill and reskill the profession so the public’s, clients’ and employer’s needs are met.”

She added: “The Accounting STEM Pursuit Act will promote more diversity, equity and inclusion in the profession, a goal that we strongly support and that is needed as the profession continues to assist our country’s economic growth and protect its interests.”

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